What are the best gynecomastia treatments on the market

Man boobs treatment resultsGynecomastia or what is also called as “man boobs” is a condition where men develop female breasts. The enlargement of the pectoral area is caused by various factors including hormonal imbalance, medications, steroid use, recreational drugs, alcohol, aging, and obesity. Those who suffer from it consider this condition to be highly emasculating and embarrassing, also leading these men to be the subject of ridicule and jokes.

There are many treatments available today for men diagnosed with gynecomastia. The best gynecomastia treatment approach varies for each patient and is dependent on what the underlying cause of the breast enlargement is and what therapies promise improvement. Comprehensive clinical testing will assist the physician in determining causation and developing the treatment plan.

If the diagnosis is persistent pubertal gynecomastia in men, the plan will often include hormone treatments to attain a state of hormonal balance. As the diagnosis suggests, the breast tissue growth associated with going through puberty failed to dissipate with adulthood. Often laboratory tests will reveal that the pubertal raging hormones and increased levels of estrogen are still present and must be dealt with to curtail additional growth.

In cases of gynecomastia in men where there is fatty deposits as well as breast tissue growth, liposuction to remove the fat may be recommended. Surgical extraction of formed breast tissue may also be performed. Whether surgery is advised, with or without the addition of liposuction, the breast protrusion is immediately resolved.

In addition to the removal of mammary tissue and fatty layers, it may be necessary to remove the additional skin that the gynecomastia caused. Excising the remaining ?skin flap? Can produce the wanted esthetic. This is usually performed during the same operation.

Gynecomastia proceduresCommonly, gynecomastia in men causes protrusion of the nipple and the areola (darkened skin surrounding the nipple). Surgeons specializing in cosmetic surgery can alter the nipple and areola to achieve a more masculine appearance. Often these procedures are performed at the same time excess breast tissue is extracted.

To thoroughly treat gynecomastia, medical specialists will often recommend treatment that includes multiple approaches. Surgery, liposuction and hormone therapies followed by cosmetic surgical procedures will often obtain the wanted result. If an underlying medical condition is also impacting the gynecomastia, this will also be treated.

For many men, the ability to find a way to alter their appearance is critical to their emotional and psychological well-being. Obtaining treatment for their gynecomastia and achieving a look that is masculine is their primary focus. Fortunately, current treatment options and availability of physicians specializing in these therapies has attained successful results for many men.

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