What is Deca-Durabolin?

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Deca-durabolin is a form of medicine, usually yellow in color with an oily texture. It could come as a solution to which patient is injected or could be a tablet or capsule. It contains an active ingredient called nandrolone decanoate usually responsible for a number of things in the human body such as increase lean muscle weight and blood elements. This active substance is a group member of anabolic steroids that facilitate a number of bone actions. For instance if a person has brittle and thin bones, this substance corrects that. However, before you administer this medicine there are a number of things that you need to tell your doctor or pharmacists.

What to know about Deca-durabolin before consuming it

It may affect other medicines you are taking

Your doctor or medical consultant needs to know what other medicine you are taking currently. It could turn out that the deca-durabolin affects how the other medicine works or the other medicine affecting how deca-durabolin works for you. Either way, none is good to take a risk and therefore your consultant needs to be aware of this. Medicines that deal with blood problems such as treating anemia, blood clotting and insulin injections are much affected by deca-durabolin. The performance of the two more or less can be termed as immiscible. However, all is not always lost as doctors will always find a solution for this. Sometimes they may access your condition and the most common solution they give is reducing your other medicine consumption as you continue taking the anabolic steroid.

Your age may affect the results

The doctor needs to know your exact number of years; just do not lie because if you do you will be doing more harm to yourself than good. This medicine tends to be not very good on the elderly; reason it tends to increase the number of red blood cells that will lead to complications. It for this reason that the elderly need extra supervision where the doctor does a check on the hemoglobin present.

Suffering from other chronic diseases is a concern

If you are suspected to have, already have or have had diseases affected the heart, kidney, liver or brain area, you should tell the doctor too. Cancers especially those that have affected the bones should also be clearly stated. As mentioned earlier, anabolic steroids have an impact on the bones and so any abnormality on them will lead to a different result, so the doctor needs to know so that they can know how to manipulate the medicine to fit your condition.

Laboratory tests are affected

If you are under this medication, it is prudent that your doctor conducting any lab test knows. Most results are manipulated if consumption if underway.

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